Courses / Training

Cooperativa Bioazórica develops several courses and/or training courses several times a year related to Organic Agriculture and/or the Organic Production Method.

As an example, the most frequent course is “Introduction to Biological Horticulture for small or medium scale”. This course covers aspects such as garden design methods, irrigation water quality, composting, crop rotation, soil fertilization, staking plants in the garden, harvesting in the garden, among others.

Each course or training always includes guided tours.

Bio Feira

The Bio Feira, already with 7 editions carried out, has as main purpose the dissemination, promotion and reflection on the organic production method. The importance of Organic Agriculture is promoted through a regional meeting space for producers, distributors and consumers.

In this event we find the exhibition and commercialization of organic products from our land, region and our country, passing through the much-famous restoration and the holding of training such as workshops, bio plenaries and showcookings. Always present is the children's space, the pedagogical farm, moments of animation, among much more.


The Cooperative of Biological Products BioAzórica annually holds seminars open to all interested parties.

These seminars aim to promote, stimulate and debate themes related to Organic Agriculture and/or organic production methods.

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